Tooth cavities are the damaged area in the hard surface of the teeth. These are caused by your negligence towards your teeth care. We all time talk about skincare and hair care routine. But teeth care is more important than anything else. Because when you are having pain in your teeth then your whole body is disturbed due to it. You can’t do another thing. Your whole body will be in pain. So teeth care is also very important. We have to give some time to our teeth and have to leave some of our habits that are destroying our teeth health. 

Here are some practical ways to do regularly to get rid of tooth cavities.

1.     Brushing:

Brushing is the most important and the main thing to get rid of the tooth cavity. Brush your teeth twice a day. Especially before going to bed brush your teeth. Because if you do not brush your teeth before going to bed then the food in your mouth will make bacteria and cause harmful effects to your teeth.

Brush your teeth after lunch or dinner. Even if you have no time to brush after every meal then rinse your mouth with water. So that your mouth will be cleaned from the remaining food in your mouth.

Choose wisely your must contain fluoride.

And brush for 2-5 minutes. But do not Brush forcefully because it will lead to bleeding gums. Follow the proper way of brushing your teeth.

2.     Change your toothbrush:

Some people complain that although they brush their teeth regularly they have many teeth issues. The reason is that they do not change their toothbrush.  You mush have to change the toothbrush when its bristles are frayed. Because it will not clean your teeth properly

Replace your toothbrush after every 2-3 months. Always cover your toothbrush.

It is advised to boil your toothpaste and add some amount of salt to this way, your brush will be cleaned to some this procedure every month.

3.     Mouthwash:

Mouthwash is also a good addition to your tooth care routine. You can use mouthwash after brushing your teeth. Mouthwash has antiseptic ingredients that kill reduces tooth decay, gum infection and whitens your teeth. Even after brushing the teeth, some bacteria are left in your mouth, mouthwash will kill them. Dentists recommend antibacterial mouthwash.

You can add mouthwash to your daily routine.

4.     Nutritious meals:

A nutritious meal is recommended for everything whether you are on a journey on improving your skin, hairs, health, or anything; the nutritious meal is the most important thing. Have a nutritious and balanced diet. Avoid carbohydrates because they are not good for your tooth health. Candies and chips stick to your teeth. These things lead to tooth cavities; you must have to brush your teeth after eating such things.

Drink milk regularly, so that your teeth become strong. You can also use fluoride supplements to strengthen your teeth.

5.     Leave Smoking:

Smoking leads to tooth loss. Smoking is bad for your overall health. It destroys every organ of the body. So think that what it will do to your mouth, through which it is smoked. It causes many gum causes an issue with your oral may lead to oral cancer.

So if you want to stay away from teeth problems, leave smoking.

6.     Oil pulling:

 Oil pulling is an ancient method. It is used to kill bacteria. Take almost 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, then after the prescribed period split it out.

It is a useful remedy for killing bacteria in the mouth. Although it has no scientific basis but is considered a useful remedy.

7.     Aloe Vera:

Alovera has many uses; one of its best uses is in tooth health. You can use aloe tooth gel for killing bacteria. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties that kill bacteria. Here is the research on the benefits of aloe Vera in dentistry

8.     Vitamin D:

You can take Vitamin D supplements. A research

Shown that vitamin D intake prevents tooth loss in the elderly.

9.     Calcium:

Calcium is very necessary for your teeth health. You can eat food or drink fluids that contain calcium. And you can also take calcium supplements. Deficiency of calcium causes many problems. According to research

Calcium and vitamin prevent tooth loss.


Drinking water with fluoride is very good for your tooth helps you to prevent tooth cavities. It does not take your time. If you are very lazy and do not take care of your teeth, so this is the simple thing which you can do.

11.Cut out sugary food:

Sugary food is the major reason for tooth cavities. Especially in children, it is the leading cause of tooth cavities. So you must have to cut down your sugar intake. You have to avoid sugary drinks. The reason is that sugar mix with the bacteria and it forms acid, which harms your teeth.

12.Salt water:

Saltwater is also a simple thing to get rid of tooth cavities. Just take a glass of water, add some salt to it. And rinse your mouth with it. This will help you to kill bacteria in your mouth. Because salt has anti-bacterial properties. So it will prevent you from tooth pain, gums issues, and tooth cavities.

13.Seeing a dentist:

We go to the dentist or doctor when things get worst. But this is not the right thing. We must schedule a regular doctor’s appointment. We have to check by the doctor after every 6 months.  Even If do not have any problem because many tooth cavities arise without any pain and symptom.

14.Tap water:

Tap water is also good for your tooth health. We mostly drink bottled water, and we are unaware of the importance of tap some cities, fluoride is added to the tap water, which helps you to protect against bacteria (ensure that your tap water is clean because in some areas tap water is not clean)

Water helps in saliva [reduction, which kills bacteria in your mouth.


Above mentioned ways is the world’s best way to get rid of tooth cavities. We mostly start taking care of our tooth health when we have almost lost our most teeth. So it is best to start taking care our teeth from following the above mentioned ways you can not only get rid of tooth cavities but also makes your teeth healthy.

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