Obesity is one of the common problems all over the world. Fit and smart people live a healthy and wealthy life as compared to fatty people. It is a universal truth that physically fit people enjoy the beauty of life more effectively than fatty ones. He can mold himself in any way. Things are seen to be different to him as compared to the healthy one. Moreover, at parties, ceremonies, and different festivals, slim and smart people look so charming and good-looking. They win the attraction of other people. On the other hand, fatty people are deprived of this situation. They feel inferior to others. Sometimes this situation leads to the condition of complexity about one’s own self.

Teenage girls are more conscious about their physical appearance. The inner spirit to look smart and beautiful make them alert. They try their best to achieve the goal. The ratio of weight gained to fitness is alarming. The slim and smart people enjoy a cheerful life as compared to the people who gained weight.

A fatty person finds it difficult to do his all sort of works. A lot of problems and hurdles are related to obesity. It may also lead to a lot of diseases. It is a common saying that obesity is the mother of all diseases.

It may become the cause of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, inflammation, and fore bone disease, etc. Obesity-related conditions are heart diseases, aestro diseases, and a certain type of cancer. That means if you can fight obesity, you can protect yourself from many deadly diseases and live a healthy life for many more years.

It is not a secret to have a healthy and balanced diet with some sort of exercise. Exercise is the most effective to lose weight. Many people are doing both but the results are not effective. People find it too much difficult and reluctant how to lose weight. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Time is in your hands. To fight this battle is very critical. But with the help of strong ambition, determination, will-power, and great Spirit one can win this. We can achieve the goal with just a little effort. The goal is just a click away. We have just to change our daily routine and the goal is achieved. People think that it is comparatively a difficult job to lose weight. But there is a question that how we gain weight? It is only due to our carelessness and unawareness. The fact is that if we want to compete in the world more effectively, we have to do something more in our daily routine to become physically fit and smart.

Daily fatigue routine leads to gain weight:

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. Good habits have a good impact on our life. Sometimes our bad habits made us dull and lazy. Our daily fatigue routine has always become the major cause to gain weight. Despite taking a balanced diet and regular exercise, the matter is not till solved. Don’t be disappointed. Things are to be done. We have to bring some changes to our daily routine and the solution is in our hands.

Our 5-morning habits may be the major causes to gain weight. With no effort, we can bring a tremendous and healthful change to our life. There may be some particular morning habits that may cause our weight loss to plateau. Here are 5-morning habits that may cause to gain weight. Before it’s too late, we must work on it, to stay fit, healthy, and wealthy.


Early to bed and early to rise, make jack healthy, wealthy, and wise. Early wakers are good physically as well as internally. Our body metabolism works more accurately in the morning. Stretching our bodies early in the morning makes us healthy in our daily routine.

The main reason to gain weight is oversleeping. It is one of the main bad habits. Oversleeping makes you dull and lazy which affects your bodywork. More than nine hours of sleeping is alarming. After proper sleeping, arrange your bed actively and burn your calories. It is also a good habit.

A National Sleep Foundation Surveys encloses the truth that those who make their beds have low BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who don’t. Getting too much sleep or poor sleep also increases your level of the appetite-stimulating hormone, cortisol which leads to over appetite.

Skipping Breakfast:

It is believed that people who eat a balanced breakfast containing proteins and carbohydrates have less craving to eat more throughout the day. The people who skip breakfast eventually make them hungry in a short while, leading to weight gain.

Surprisingly the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) is much better than taking low carbs. By taking a heavy meal in the morning affects your metabolism and can also disrupt your body’s internal clock. Skipping breakfast also leaves you depleted and lethargic throughout the day. It also slows down the body’s fat-burning process. Breakfast is the first meal of the day which gives a kick start to your energy levels. It also increases the production of acidic juice in your stomach and triggers inflammation and symptoms of gastritis.

Not Having a Sufficient Sunlight:

Sun is the major source of energy on earth. Taking sunlight in the morning is healthful. You may get the energy, and find your body limbs active and fit. This helps you to do your daily works effectively.

According to the study done by PLOS one, if you don’t take any sunlight in the morning your body tends to gain weight. Sunlight overcomes your dullness and laziness. Both things may lead to you gain weight. The survey revealed that those who allow the intake of sunlight in their body have a low BMI, in comparison to those, who spend time in the dark and shady rooms.

Studies say that ultraviolet rays of the sun in the morning are healthy for your body. They can make you feel more energetic and increase your metabolic activity. Some exposure to sunlight in the morning can bring down your BMI and reduce chances of improper health.

Not Measuring Your Weight:

The people who are late wakers, breakfast’s skipper loses the charms of sunlight as well as natural beauty. Carelessness about your weight leads to gain your weight. If you don’t measure your weight on regular basis, one day you will become the victim of obesity.

Keeping a check and balance of your weight is a very important thing to avoid obesity. Until you track your current weight, how can you start losing it? Thus, you must scale yourself every morning and give a push to yourself to lose weight. The best time to weigh yourself with an empty stomach is early in the morning.

Not Drinking Enough Water:

Water is the most precious and beneficial thing on earth. Dietitians and nutritionists all over the world have recommended drinking lots of water for both staying healthy as well as losing weight. Sufficient water intake helps in flushing out toxins from the body and gives a boost to the metabolism.

Our body metabolism works more effectively in hydro medium. And drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning can help you in losing weight. It will help in cleaning your system. Drinking water reduces the appetite, calorie intake process and helps in maintaining hydration levels in the body.


Man can mold his life according to his willpower. There is nothing impossible in life. If we want to live more effectively, we have to bring some changes in our habits. When we understand this fact, we may have the freedom to remake ourselves. By adopting the new habits mentioned above, we may find a way to get rid of gaining weight. By memorizing the effect of weight gaining, we have to take a quick start for better results. To become a healthy participant in our society, we have to skip our 5 habits then we will enjoy the charm of slim and smart life. Things. will be seen in somehow a different way.

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