A body is healthy when all of its organs are healthy. The brain is the central organ of the body. It is such an amazing part that it controls emotions, store memorize either bad or good, express feelings. It influences the whole body. Connected to the outside world and has a direct influence on the body.

Keeping your brain healthy and smart from the scratch of your childhood is too crucial. If not indulge in healthy activities makes it sluggish. Many people do not take this into concern and have a cognitive problem in their 60s and 70s. Everything lost its value and effectiveness if not in use similarly if the brain is not kept on working its losses its effectiveness. To make oneself healthier it is very essential to keep one’s brain healthier and sharp side by side.

Some are the strategies and exercise to keep one brain smart and healthier:

Maintain a Healthier Hearth

Circulation of blood through the hearth to the brain is very important. Blood must be circulating through the hearth and blood vessels. As the heart supplies blood to the brain for its proper working if enough blood does not reach the brain the function will not the same. Same in the case when any of the arteries get hardened due to clotting the blood cannot reach the brain and it functions oppositely and leads to Atherosclerosis. High blood pressure, diabetics, and high cholesterol has a colossal effect on developing cognitive or neurological diseases. Maintaining healthy cardiovascular health is essential for a healthier brain.

Quality sleep

Having enough sleep in a day is good to keep the brain energetic and fresh. As one needs vacations to energize and to free himself from the packed routine brain also needs some rest to restore, energize, and restart. It heals one’s mental health. Do these while go to bed?

  • Should have the same time to sleep
  • Lit off all the lights
  • Detox all the anxieties and worries
  • Do 5-10 minute meditation to detox worries and to sleep more soundly

Physical exercise & activities

Physical exercises such as running, walking, swimming, and taking dance classes make you fit side by side enhances or sharpen your mental health. It increases the blood circulation to the brain. It increase the size of the part of the brain called the hippocampus responsible for memory. According to some of the researchers while walking and running the movement of the foot has an impact on the blood flow and leg muscles exercise gives signals to the brain for new cell growth.

Be extrovert

Spend some quality time in social gatherings or with people and friends as it enhances the blood flow to the various part of the brain. Depression and anxiety make the brain occupied and hamper its function. Social meetings and interaction make one less depressed and occupied as the brain indulges in interpreting, understanding, thinking, and responding.

Learn new skills

It is good to learn a new skill and technique to keep your brain sharp and connected. Learn a new game, recipe, craft, paint,  instrument, and traveling to a new place involves more and more working of a neural cell which lessens the risk of cognitive diseases.

Listening to music

 According to the research listening to your favorite music and tune enhances intellectual health as it improves your memory.

Play games

Play games that make your intellect sharp. Games that involve a more complex situation and are more tricky should opt such as

  • Cheese
  • Sudoku
  • Trivia
  • Puzzle
  • Writing

Writing is the best way to improve your memory and learn writing and communication skills. Writing blogs, poetry, emails, stories, and essays can be very much effective as you are creating something which involves your brain cells.

Maintain a good posture

Sustaining a good posture is essential for the upright alignment of your spine while sitting and sleeping.

  • Sleep at your back so that the spine remains aligned upright or sleep at your side while the face should be in neutral posture and chin ahead.
  • Try to maintain your posture to lessen the risk of falls. In this way, the spine remains protected. You can take yoga classes to improve it.

Make reading a habit

Reading makes improvement in your memory and sharps your brain. Make a habit of reading a page of a good book, novel, magazine, and newspaper. According to some neurology journal, reading at older age decline one’s memory to about 32%.

Eat healthy to stimulate brain

Your intake must be balanced as it has an impact on your health. Eating nuts, almonds, red wine, and fishes are good for brain health and make it stronger. A healthier diet directs to a healthier gut, neurotransmitters are produced in the gut by microbes that are good for brain regulation of mood and emotion. Taking a nutrient fat diet is important for brain memory and stimulation. Food should be taken for a healthy brain:

Salmon contains an omega -3 fatty acid building block of the brain.

Green tea makes you fully alert and focused, conation polyphenol and antioxidant and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease.

Blueberries have antioxidant enhance the connection between the brain cells, delay short term memory loss and reduce inflammation.

Egg contains nutrient-rich in B6, B12, CHOLINE, and FOLATE. Choline helps in creating a neurotransmitter

Called acetylcholine regulates mood and memory.

Exercise to sharp your brain and memory:

Recalling test

Learn some of the words and items and then recall them after some time this will help to sharpen your memory. Learn some complex vocabulary or some Latin to test your memory and make it sharper.

Use chopstick

Eating with chopsticks helps you indigestion. It is one of the simple brain exercises.  Its benefit in calorie consumption and brain health.

Ditch the calculator

Try to do mental mathematics and daily routine calculation in your mind to make it interactive with numbers. This makes brain cells work and respond quickly and make them sharp.

Protect your head

According to the research of CENTRAL OF DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC), about 1.5 million American faces head injuries every year. So it is very important to wear a helmet to protect your brain and skull from external injury while doing skating, snowboarding, and riding a bike.

Balance your weight

Being obese is the root cause of many of diseases as fat cell causes inflammation in the body and brain. Being obese in your 40s causes the risk of dementia.

Try to change the route

Take a new route on and off and try to change your transport like public and bike. The brain will start to think differently.

Learn new language

Bilingualism has a colossal effect on your memory and enhances your creativity level. It enables you to switch to a different task and decline the risk of memory loss at a later age.

Final words

Keeping your brain busing in physical activities and exercise enriches the brain’s intellectual and cognitive skills. Improving your brain health or focusing on it can increase your memory skills and decline the risk of neurological diseases. The above exercises and strategies can be helpful and can only decline the risk of neurological disease.

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