Kidneys are the bean-shaped organ in our body. They play a very vital role in our body functioning. We do a lot of home remedies for our skin and hair, but most of the time we didn’t get any result from it. The main reason is that first, we have to take care of our health, this means if our organs are not functioning well then our whole body will be disturbed, no matter we apply a lot of face masks but our skin will not grow due to problems in our internal system.

So here will discuss some ways to improve our kidney health.

Maintain body weight:

Being overweight can lead you to many diseases. To keep your kidney healthy you must have to maintain your body weight. If you are underweight then also you are at risk of many diseases. so it is preferable to keep a healthy diet and maintain your body weight.

Exercise Regularly:

Regular exercise is very important for your whole body. Exercise does not only keep your kidneys healthy but also for your whole body functioning. Exercise keeps us fit and active.

When you do exercise, your organs get more oxygen and nutrients, so this is very good for your kidneys as well.

Drinking water:

Everybody knows that water is the best thing for our kidneys. Drinking a lot of water is not only good for the kidney but also for your overall health.

Drinking water makes your skin healthy and glowing. Water purifies your body. You must have to drink 10-12 glasses of water means 2.5 to 3 liter. Even if you have a kidney stone (there are different types of stones, in some types of stones drinking water can remove 80% of stone) it is advisable to drink plenty of water. But in some stones drinking water can lead to adverse conditions.

You can also take juices or any kind of fluid.

Don’t Smoke:

Smoking causes many diseases. So if you want your kidneys to be healthy, quit smoking. Smokers are four times more at risk of having renal failure. Smoking damage the kidney because it decreases the flow of blood towards the kidney.

If you are a kidney patient then smoking leads to adverse conditions.

Check your Family medical history:

There are many cases in which patients get kidney diseases due to their family kidney disease. Some kidney diseases are inherited. so you must have to check your family medical history. If there is a history of any kidney disease start taking care of your diet to prevent yourself from kidney diseases.

Check your body Cholesterol level:

You must have to check your cholesterol level. Increased cholesterol not only causes heart disease but also affects your kidney. So you must have to check your cholesterol level and keep it at a balanced rate.

Monitor blood Pressure:

High blood pressure causes kidney disease. For a healthy kidney, you must have to check your blood pressure level. 120/80 is the normal blood pressure level.

High blood pressure narrows and weakens the arteries around the kidney. When the arteries are narrow, enough blood is not passed through them, so it leads to kidney disease.

Monitor Sugar Level:

Increased sugar levels damage your kidney. Blood cells cannot use the glucose which is present in your blood. So the kidney has to function hard to filter the blood. High sugar level also damages the blood vessels of the kidney. Diabetes leads to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure damages the kidney.

Avoid pain killers:

Some people are habitual of using painkillers. If they have a slight headache they immediately take a pain killer. Taking a lot of medicines damage your kidney.

For a healthy kidney, you must have to avoid the use of excessive medicines.

Controlling urine:

This is a bad habit that affects our kidneys a lot. When we hold our urine by contracting the sphincter against an already strained bladder, the bladder wall can thicken and break down the normal one-way mechanism of urine flow from the kidneys into the bladder. It causes the infection of the kidney and bladder.

Balance your lifestyle:

Your lifestyle plays a very important role in your health. If your lifestyle is balanced, then you will stay healthy.

Sleep well:

8 hours of sleep is necessary for good health. it will help your kidney to stay healthy and function better, if you are sleep deprived your whole body will be disturbed.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is the main thing to improve your health.

The following foods are good for a healthy kidney.


Garlic contains magnesium, vitamin, and is very good for your kidney. It adds flavor to the recipes.


Ginger reduces blood cholesterol and is good for both your kidney and lungs.


“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”

Apple is not only good for your skin but also for your whole body. Eating an apple is also good for your kidney health.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties help to improve kidneys. Kidney inflammatory disease can lead to end-stage renal disease resulting in dialysis and transplant.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon is the best tool to prevent stones in the kidney. Lemon contains citrate. Citrate help in preventing calcium from building up and forming stones in the kidney.

Egg Weight:

Eggs are highly nutritious; they also contain phosphorus. This is the best diet for a healthy kidney.


Radish is high in nutrients. It is also low in potassium and phosphorus. This is a healthy diet for a kidney. You can use radish in a salad, which increases its benefit


Pineapple contains fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps in the reduction of inflammation. In fruits, pineapple has many benefits for kidney health.


Onions are high in vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B. Onion is used in many recipes; it is also used in salad. Onion has many benefits for your kidney.


Cabbage contains vitamin K, C, and many B vitamins. It makes your digestive system healthy. Cabbage is not just affordable but also contains a lot of benefits for your kidney.


A healthy kidney is very important for the well-being of our whole body. We must have to take care of our kidneys otherwise our whole body will be disturbed. By following the above-mentioned ways and diet we can make our kidneys healthy.

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