What is Smoking?

“Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the fumes of burning plant material.”

Tobacco is smoked in a cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

Causes of Smoking:

As everybody knows smoking has many harmful effects on our health. It causes lung disease, diabetes, cancer, problems of the immune system, and heart diseases.

Why people Smoke:

People do smoke because they become addicted to it. Many smokers believe that smoking relaxes, it relieves stress. And nowadays it is becoming a social thing. People smoke due to their society. This mindset is mostly in teenagers they believe that they will look cool if they smoke. Most teenagers start smoking due to their friend’s circle.

Most easiest Ways to Quit Smoking:

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. it has many harmful effects on your health. So if you are a smoker you have to stop it as soon as possible. Many people who are determined about leaving smoking easily leave it. Just keep in mind that nothing is impossible.

1.      Keep yourself busy:

Mostly you crave cigarettes when you are free. Like when you are on your school or office break. When you are doing nothing you just take your cigarette box out and start smoking. so the best way to stop smoking is to keep yourself busy. Participate in sports, games, and any other productive activity.

When you will be busy, you will not get time to think about smoking.

2.      Gradually leave smoking:

Leaving cigarettes is not an easy task. And when you think about leaving it forever, you think it difficult task and quit your decision, so it is better to take small steps. as the famous quote is “slow and steady wins the race”. So if you can’t quit smoking at once, lessen the number of your daily cigarettes.

3.      Set a goal:

Set a goal for yourself of leaving the cigarettes. For example, fix the goal that you will leave the cigarettes in a week or month. In this way, you will be clear, that you must have to leave the cigarettes and achieve the goal.

4.      Ask your friends to help you:

Friends can help you in quitting smoking. Your family members and friends can counsel you. If you do not want to share this with your family members, you can ask your friends to help you.

5.      Online support groups:

Many online support groups help you in quitting cigarettes. You can join these groups, and these groups will help you in quitting cigarettes.

6.      Make non-smoker friends:

Your company defines you. Most teenagers get addicted to these things just because of their friends. If you are not smokers and spending your time with smokers you will also start smoking, one day. Because the one who smokes also encourages others to smoke.

So if you do not want to become a smoker never make friends who smoke. But if you are already a smoker then leave your smoker friends. Because this will help you in quitting cigarettes. But if you are planning to leave citrate and your friends are all-time smoking in front of you, it will be difficult for you to leave smoking.

7.      Chew on it:

Whenever you crave cigarettes, chew on gum, candy, or anything. This will help you in fighting against cigarettes craving. It is an easy and economical way.

8.      Exercise:

Exercise can help you in Quiting cigarettes.

By doing exercise you will be busy, so smoking will not come to your mind, and second this smoking help in relieving cigarette cravings.

9.      Yoga:

Yoga is the best thing for your health. This helps you to manage stress. This will relax you. In this way, your mind will divert from smoking.

10. Playing Games:

You will be wondering, how can we quit smoking by playing games. You crave cigarettes when you are free, so when you will be playing games you will be busy in it. so you will not crave cigarettes. cigarettes also relieve stress and when you are not smoking there are chances that you might have headaches and stress, so by playing games you will have a fun time.

11. Reward yourself:

Quitting smoking is not an easy task so reward yourself for quitting smoking. This is a human psyche, if a man gets a reward he/she become encouraged for it and become more motivates to achieve the goal. For example, you are fond of wearing expensive watches, reward yourself with a watch, so that you can easily quit smoking.

12. Remove cigarettes from your surroundings:

If you are planning to stop smoking, then you have to remove the cigarettes from your surroundings. Because when you will see cigarettes in your surrounding you will crave them. Clean your room and office from cigarettes.


Smoking has many harmful effects. Smoker not only risk their life but even passive smoking is more dangerous. Some people once get addicted to it, they can’t quit it and die due to the diseases caused by smoking. If you want a healthy life, you must have to leave smoking. smokers pollute the air, they make air impure for others. The government has implied a tax on Cigarettes to discourage smoking. We must have to take care of ourselves and our environment by discouraging smoking.

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