Being overweight is a disease that leads to many other diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint pain, etc. A healthy body leads to a healthy life, and a healthy body is only possible when one maintains a healthy weight.

Fruits are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and are low in calories and high in fiber. Intake of proper fruit diet, along with healthy food and exercise helps in weight loss.

Fruits that help in weight loss are:


Raw apple contains 14% carbohydrates and 86% water. It is also rich in fiber with a negligible amount of fats and proteins. Fiber will make you feel full, moreover, it will improve digestion and help you in weight loss. The soluble fiber in apples will also help slow sugar absorption into the blood. Apple is not only helpful for weight loss but also boosts the immune system.

PROTEINS0.3 grams
FIBER2.4 grams
FATS0.2 grams
SUGAR                                                        10.4 grams
nutritional value per 100g


Watermelon is low in calories, fats, and sugar, which makes it a good food to eat for weight loss. It is high in antioxidants, such as vitamin C (10%), which helps to lower the risk of several diseases. Moreover, Melon contains vitamins A and C, which are beneficial to the skin and hair.

Watermelon is a tasty fruit with a fresh red attractive color, that appeals to even those who dislike fruits.

PROTEINS0.61 grams
FATS0.15 grams
SUGAR                                                  6.2 grams
nutritional value per 100g


Green kiwifruit contains 61 calories per 100 g, is 83% water, and 15% carbohydrates, with no protein or fat. they are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, fiber, and other nutrients which make them a perfect food for weight loss.

It contains 93% vitamin C. So, besides weight loss, intake of kiwi fruit reduces your risk of chronic disease, boosts your immunity, and enhances wound healing.


Berries are pleasant in taste and have appealing colors. Almost everyone loves to eat them. Different berries contain different amounts of nutrition. 

ENERGY33 KCal57 KCal53 KCal43 KCal
PROTEINS0.67 grams0.76 grams1.2 grams1.39 grams
FATS0.3 grams0.33 grams0.65 grams0.49 grams
SUGAR                                                             4.89 grams9.96 grams4.42 grams4.88 grams
nutritional value per 100g

Berries are low in calories and fat, making them a weight-loss-friendly food. Sugar consumption is related to weight gain. Berries have low sugar content and are high in vitamins and minerals. So, anyone trying to lose weight should eat berries to meet their daily requirements. They have 12% vitamin C, which is believed to help burn belly fat. Furthermore, berries contain folate, which reduces the risk of different types of cancer.


High fiber foods suppress the appetite and prevent overeating. Avocados are excessive in fiber, which promotes weight loss and metabolic health. It also helps reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

Despite their high fat and calorie content, studies have indicated for avocados to aid weight loss as well.

Avocados contain omega 3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac death in people who have heart disease.

FATS14.66 grams
SUGAR                                                  0.66 grams
nutritional value per 100g


Grapefruits are a low calories low fats fruit with low sugar content. It makes them the perfect fruit to eat as well as to lose weight. It also contains citric acid, which is an antioxidant that helps in increasing metabolism and burn belly fats.

Studies showed that a person who eats half of the grapefruit before every meal is most likely to reduce weight than a person who does not eat it. Studies also showed that eating fresh grapefruit is more beneficial than grapefruit juice.

In addition to weight loss, grapefruit may also help prevent insulin resistance and diabetes. Hence, it aids in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

FATS0.10 grams
SUGAR                                                  7.31 grams
nutritional value per 100g


Pears is a juice-filled, sweet in taste fruit. It contains only 57 Kcal energy with negligible fats. Pear is high in fiber and water content, which makes you feel full and prevents overeating. Eating pears as part of a healthy, nutritious diet can aid in weight loss and reduce a person’s risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


Papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains low amounts of calories and fats. It is rich in dietary fiber, which helps is lowering appetite. It not only improves digestion but also gives you radiant skin.

Papaya also has anti-cancer properties.

PROTEINS0.47 grams
FATS0.26 grams
SUGAR                                                  7.8 grams
nutritional value per 100g


First let us make it clear that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, though it is used in cooking. Tomato contains 95% water, 4% carbohydrates, and less than 1% fat and protein. Tomato is good for weight loss, as it has high concentration water and very low calories (about just 18Kcal). Eating 4-5 tomatoes can make you feel full.

Leptin is a protein that keeps our bodies from weight loss, tomato reverse the resistance of leptin. Furthermore, they contain vitamin K which makes your bones strong and hairs healthy. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene in tomatoes reduces the risk of heart diseases and also boost the immune system.


PROTEINS1.1 grams
FIBER2.6 grams
FATS0.33 grams
SUGAR                                                  12.23 grams
nutritional value per 100g

Bananas are rich in fiber that makes you feel full. They are considered weight-gaining fruit. But bananas contain resistant starch, which helps in burning belly fats and control hunger. Bananas contain potassium that helps in muscle building. Moreover, they contain manganese which helps in the reduction of inflammation, and inflammation is linked with obesity.

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are rich in calories, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Eating dry fruits may help in losing weight, by boosting your metabolism and digestion. But eating a lot of them may not help, instead, it will make you gain weight. Adding dry fruits to your diet for losing weight is a good option.

Cashews and walnuts help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, so you don’t overeat. Dates have a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in them. They aid in the reduction of inflammation.

How does fruit help with weight loss?

We have a large variety of fruits that can provide our body the right number of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that help in weight loss.


Although we cannot digest fiber, it is very important for our body. It absorbs toxic chemicals, helps in lowering cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure. Fibers also help indigestion. Fermentable fiber is considered very beneficial for health and body weight. Studies proved that a high intake of fiber helps in weight loss.

Natural sugar:

Fruits contain natural sugar. If we eat fruits instead of cookies, biscuits, or other artificial sugar, we will consume fewer fats and calories and our sugar craving would also be fulfilled.

Water Content:

Many fruits are juicy and have high water content. When we eat these fruits, we feel full, thus it helps us reduce overeating.


Being overweight and obese leads to many serious health issues. So, one must have a balanced weight according to his age and height. If you are overweighted you need to start the exercise with a balanced diet, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. You must healthily lose weight.

Food that is high in fiber and low in calories is considered weight friendly and helps in losing or maintain weight. Fruits help in weight loss, so including a healthy amount of these fruits in your diet is beneficial to your health.

Fruit is nature’s candy

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